I first began my career in 2001 working in high production, from scratch bakeries, while working on a degree in Baking & Pastry Arts from Johnson & Wales University. After graduating with honors, I honed my skills as head pastry chef and cake designer at Normandy Farm Artisan Bakery in Charleston, SC.

“As creator of Shake Sugary, pastries and baked goods have always been a passionate part of my life. My fondest childhood memories revolve around baking: layering butter and brown sugar in homemade cinnamon rolls with my grandfather, decorating whimsical birthday cakes with my dad, and baking homemade goodies for the holidays with my mom.


A few years and a few burn scars later, I traded in my spatula for an atlas and started on an enchanting journey. I grabbed my mixer and a pair of socks, and hit the road in an old city transit bus named “Walter” to travel the country as part of the art collective Transit Antenna. My husband Bob, son Taylor, dog Kentridge, and I spent two years with the group navigating the highways and dirt roads of North America meeting new people and creating works of art inspired by the places we visited.

Our travels also provided us the joys of tasting new and exciting flavors unique to the regions we visited. As our time on the road came to an end, we set our sights on one of our favorite stops, New Orleans. I was eager to get back in the kitchen and share the joys of my experiences through baked goods, and thus Shake Sugary was born.

Inspired by the famed Elizabeth Cotten song, Shake Sugary brings to you handmade, homemade, all natural fare that can turn any day into a brighter one. With all my cakes and baked goods you can expect the finest in fresh natural ingredients, flavors, and textures that become delightful treats for the eye and are equally memorable for their taste.”

-Dawn Snead, Founder and Lead Pastry Chef of Shake Sugary

Oh Lordy Me, 


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